One of the main activities promoted by the Cultural Association EffectUs is the training with the sharing of artistic knowledge, a mission reachable only thanks to the availability of our tutors to share their knowledge.

The sharing takes place through: WORKSHOPS (short classes of 1 or maximum 2 hours that are held during EffectUs Event) CONFERENCES (1 till 2 hours interviews or speaches held during the event) and MASTERCLASSES (lessons of one or more days) on which our members are entitled to discounts.

EffectUs tutors are professionals who provide their knowledge for the workshops offered to the public of EffectUs Event and / or for masterclasses.

For EffectUs members it is possible to access the historical archive of the workshops of EffectUs Event past editions through the Private Vimeo Channel reserved for them.

It follows the complete overview of the 5 editions of EffectUs Event’s Tutors.

Alahouzos George e Roulis
Special Make up Effects Artists

George and Roulis Alahouzos, founders of the very first makeup e ects shop in Greece, Alahouzos Studio FX, have been working professionally since 1984. Their work has appeared in hundreds of movie and TV productions both locally and internationally. They have also worked extensively in theater, TV spots, video clips, events and more. They are recipients of multiple awards in Greece for their participation on a number of these projects.

Matteo Arfanotti

Multi-faceted artist, after more than twenty years of drawing, painting and installations, he approaches the bodypainting world stepping immediately on an high international level.
In 2012 he won the Italian Championship and in 2013 both the World Bodypainting and Facepainting Awards at WBF. Famous for his 3D effects, his lectures and artistic performances as for “The Apprentice”, the “Vision Award” at the Locarno Film Festival and the opening show of the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prize in 2014.

Dino Bertoli

Expert of different types of techniques, such as: animatronics, radio control, props, miniatures modelling in different scales for cinema or collectors.
With the collaboration of a professional team composed by CGI and 3D artist professionals he founded Equipo3, which unite innovation and tradition through techniques as photo-scanning and 3D printing.

David Bracci
Special Make up Effects Artist

Born in Rome in 1974. In 1997 he starts to collaborate with Sergio Stivaletti till 2010. The experience developed in the fields of special makeup and traditional special effects during this period allowed him to deal with complex jobs for important names of the Italian and international movie industry. In 2011 he started his career as teacher at the Academy of Professional Makeup of Rome.

Stuart Bray
Special Make up Effects Artist

Has worked on a number of features including Saving Private Ryan, The Mummy 1 & 2, The Gladiator, Blade 2, Shaun of the Dead and Game of Thrones. He specializes in all the processes involved in making prosthetic appliances and make-up effects from design, sculpting, moulding to casting and application. Stuart created the “Spectacular Sculpt Gel” DVD which looks at this material in great depth and he’s also co-founder of the podcast dedicated to the Special Makeup Effects called “Battle of Brushes”.

Paolo Brozzi

Sculptor modeler, specialized in portraiture, full figure, realism and hyperrealism.
Teacher of sculpture since 1995, he’s a creative all-round and has always worked in music and film environments in the artistic sculpture field. To date he’s president and founder of the Officina D’Arte art school which focuses on art at 360 degrees.

Christian Buzio
Materials Expert

Since 35 years in the professional modeling sector, he is an expert in molding and mold making techniques using VACUUM CASTING and PRESSURE POT TECHNOLOGY. Teacher at Naba for courses in Materials Technology, Advanced Modeling Techniques and Materials Philosophy. Set designer consultant with special attention to body casting, props, weapons and armor and in general on the hyperealistic details of costumes and scenes.

Lars Carlsson
Special Make up Effects Artist

Lars Carlsson is special makeup FX artist and wig maker from Gothenburg, Sweden with 30 years of experience. Lars has worked on a hundreds of theatre plays, musicals and operas but also on more than 30 TV shows and films like “Tom of Finland” for which he was nominated for the Finnish film award “Jussi” in 2018. Teaching and sharing ideas has always been a big part of Lars way and he has always try to share his techniques both in person and on his website.

Carracedo Lisa
Special Make up Effects Artist

After graduating, she applied a prosthetics course with Nick Dudman. Started working into production for Neal Scanlan’s during ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ at hair and fur department. In 2004 She started working in the hair & painting department at Madame tussauds in London then She began her self employed career. Specialised in hair & fur work for prosthetic make up for creature departments in film and tv. Worked at Hell boy 2, Wolfman, Harry Potter, Thor 2, Guardians of the galaxy and Dark Crystal, Fantastic mr Fox, Frankenweenie and Isle of dogs.

Daniele Chiappa
Musicista, Cooperatore e Consulente del Lavoro

Musician, Cooperator and work Consultant. Founder of Soggiorno Obbligato which promotes the collaboration between Veronese musical realities and Studio Quadrante- Centro Servizi all’impresa, specialized in the administrative / tax sector. Founder of the Cooperative Doc Servizi, of which he is President since 1997. He is the National Vice President with responsibility for CulTurMedia Music.

Gary Christensen
Special Make up Effects Artist

Designer and makeup artist for theatre and makeup professor, has taught in various Colleges in the south of California among which: California State University, Fullerton and Riverside City College; he has also been backstage columnist for the Makeup Artist Magazine.

Clinton Aiden Smith
Special Make up Effects Artist

Clinton Aiden Smith, a Hybrid Artist that can fall into all aspects of a project and come up with swift economical ways that enable him to reinvent finely crafted solutions to the expensive time consuming needs of a very demanding industry in South Africa.
The Dark Tower, Mad Max Fury Road, The Last House on The Left, Resident Evil Final Chapter and collaborating as a independent artist on Guardians Of The Galaxy, World War Z and more.Clinton manages and is actively involved in 8 different ventures that complement the Make-up Fx industry. Cosmesis Studio being one of them.

Javier Coronilla
Animatronic Specialist

Javier Coronilla is an animatronic designer, working in the movie industry for some of the best workshops and supervisors in Europe as Neal Scanlan, John Nolan or Neill Gorton´s Millennium Effects.
Some of his credits includes:
Victor Frankenstein, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, Rogue One: A Star Wars History, Star Wars VIII: The Las Jedi, A monster Calls and many others.

Maurizio Corridori
FX and Pyrotechnics

Since 1995 scenic artist for the production of Film Special E ects “Pinocchio” by Roberto Benigni and “Malena” by Giuseppe Tornatore where he becomes special e ects supervisor. Hired by Ridley Scott on “All the money in the world”, Chad Stahelski on “John Wick 2” and Ben Stiller on “Zoolander 2”. In 2016 he founded Macomoco, a company that develops innovative systems for special e ects including the Motion Control Flight Artist end Camera, a challenge that finds its reality in “Freaks out”, “La befana vien di Notte” and in “Brutti e Cattivi”.

Leonardo Cruciano
Special Make up Effects Artist

Founder of the Leonardo Cruciano Workshop, he is also head of the Special and Visual departments of Makinarium. He works as supervisor of integrated special effects, but also as a Creatures Creator and Special Make-up Artist. Among his works we find HBO TV series such Rome and the Borgia, and films such Portrait by R. Scott, Nine and Miracle at St.Anna, collaborating with authors like Matteo Garrone and Hugh Hudson.

Luigi D’Andrea
Special Make up Effects Artist

Always been passionate about cinema, he began his career in 2006 as Special FX Make-up Artist. Known for giving birth to the first Italian Werewolf, more than two meters tall, made for the short movie Versipellis by D. Della Pepa, he has also collaborated in national and international productions, including Noi Credevamo by M. Martone, the Turkish film Veda by Z. Livaneli, the TV series The Borgia, the feature Tale of Tales by M. Garrone (which got him an award for Best Make-up at the 60th edition of the David di Donatello), Ben Hur by Timur Bekmambetov and Assassin’s Creed by Justin Kurzel.

Robin Davidson
Wig Maker

He started his training in different theatres in Sweden 2009, one year before He got his apprenticeship at Makeup-FX. He learnt wig making, hair styling and makeup from his teacher Lars Carlsson.
After his graduation in 2012 He has worked in most of Sweden’s biggest opera houses and theatres, most of the time as a freelancer. He has done wigs for both Swedish and international film productions.

Giannetto De Rossi
Make up Artist

Make-up artist, director, screenwriter and special effects artist. He began his career alongside his father in the films Il Gattopardo by Luchino Visconti and Cleopatra by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Still considered one of the best Italian make up artists, Giannetto De Rossi has taken part in famous films such as: Once Upon a Time in America by Sergio Leone, 1900 by Bernardo Bertolucci, Zombie 2 by Lucio Fulci, Dune by David Lynch and The Iron Mask by Randall Wallace.

Andrea Eusebi
Scultore e Special Make up Effects Artist

Class ’85, he specializes in sculpting and modeling. He worked for Millennium FX on few Doctor Who series and on feature The Titan as a sculptor; for Makinarium on Tale of Tales, Zoolander 2 and Ben Hur as a sculpting h.o.d. and supervisor. He also worked on the first season of Penny Dreadful, Brimstone, La Torre Nera, La solita Commedia and Indivisibili. At present he collaborates with Prochima testing sculpting clays, plastilines and other materials.

Fabio Fila
Workers consultant

Musician, event organizer, audio / video technician. He is the creator of the MusicAlive project, since 2007 in Doc Servizi where he is in charge of the Safety Team and the training department (for safety and Tech Academy for the professionalization of show technicians). Coordinator of Doc Crew, the technical department of Doc Services formed by 2500 professional show technicians. He is president of STEA (Safety Teather Entertainment Arts), a cooperative that deals with security in the entertainment world.

Gherardo Filistrucchi
Wig Maker

Grown within the namesake family workshop which, since 1720 in Florence, produces handmade wigs, beards, moustaches and related makeup and special effects for all sectors of the entertainment and fashion industries. He collaborated with numerous actors and directors. Awarded by the Chamber of Commerce with the qualification of Tuscany Master Craftsman, title that qualifies him, in his field, as a Art Teacher. Since 2013 he’s President of the Association of Historical, Traditional and Typical Exercises in the Florence area.

Foglietti Emanuele
FIDAC representative

Founding member of A.M.C. Film and television editing association. During his long career as an editor he has made numerous films and hundreds of fiction episodes such as La Piovra, Un Medico in famiglia, I Cesaroni, Raccontami, Una grande famiglia, Fuoriclasse and many others. He managed Cine Audio Video s.r.l. for 17 years together with his partners: company specializing in film and television post-production. Retired since 2017, he collaborates with F.I.D.A.C. dealing with trade union issues in the collective labor agreement for crew workers

Daniela Furlani
Workers consultant

Founding member of A.M.C. Film and television editing association. During his long career as an editor he has made numerous films and hundreds of fiction episodes such as La Piovra, Un Medico in famiglia, I Cesaroni, Raccontami, Una grande famiglia, Fuoriclasse and many others. He managed Cine Audio Video s.r.l. for 17 years together with his partners: company specializing in film and television post-production. Retired since 2017, he collaborates with F.I.D.A.C. dealing with trade union issues in the collective labor agreement for crew workers

Giulia Giorgi
Special Make up FX Artist

Active in independent cinema ranges from SFX make-up to extreme hair styling. Co-founder of Baburka Production and EffectUs. She was SFX designer in “The Prophan Exhibit”, “Deadblood”, “Ebola”, “Rimbalzello”, “Bad Blood”, “Nove Lune e Mezza”, “Go Home”, “The Happiest Boy in the World”. Mould maker for the episode “Amor Vincit Omnia” of the Netflix series “Sense8”. She was makeup and wig designer for Cats the Musical, steampunk version of Operà Populaire.

Neill Gorton
Special Make up Effects Artist

Neill is an British Special Effects and Makeup Artist specialized in animatronics and prosthetics. Amongst his works there are titles such as Saving Private Ryan, Children of Men and the popular TV series Doctor Who. He is well known for pioneering materials and techniques and for his approach to sharing his knowledge. He directs the company Millenium FX, a workshop specialized in prosthetics, animatronics and special effects and is also director of the Gorton Studio school.

Andrea Leanza
Special Make up Effect Artist e Scultore

Professional sculptor and prosthetic make-up artist, with almost 20 years experience in the field of prosthetics and special make-up fx, specialized in the creation of hyper realistic creatures and lifesize prehistoric animals reconstruction. Co-supervisor of creature fx dept. for the movie “Tale of Tales”. Creates a lifesize hyper realistic reconstruction of a Spinosaurus aegyptiacus published on the National Geographic. Many participations in international movie and tv shows.

Harold Levy
Special Make up FX Artist

Born in sengal 1984 , wacthmaker degree in 2006 and make up artist since 2006 as beauty make-up artist on photo shoot and movies and started special effects prosthetics in 2009.
Sfx Make up artist for movie , sfx prosthetics teacher for Make Up For Ever Academy of Cinema, works 360 degree into the world of special effects, from sculture to painting. He worked for movies as “Blood Reich”, “Holly Motors”, “little horror Movie” and others.

Annamaria Liguori

Started working for the cinema industry in 1966, first as a production assistant for Elio Scardamaglia of Leone Film, and since 1974 as a script supervisor.
Her career boasts about 150 production from movies to Tv series both Italian and English, French, German working with great directors as Carlo Verdone, Maurizio Ponzi, Alexis Sweet and lately Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo for their movies.

Göran Lundström
Special Make up Effects Artist

Self-taught make-up FX artist, he’s been running the company EffektStudion in Sweden since 1996 as a supervisor and main artist. He worked with Rick Baker, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Stan Winston Studios / Legacy Effects, KNB EFX, and more. His credits include titles such as Rogue One, Star Wars – The Last Jedi, Harry Potter and the deathly hallows, Narnia 2 – Prince Caspian, Xmen: First Class, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Beauty and the Beast. Recently he’s been prosthetics designer for the Emmy make-up award nominated TV-series Genius.

Tiziano Martella
Fx and pyrotechnics

Born in Rome in 1984. In 2009 he began his professional career in special effects in the laboratory of Leonardo Cruciano in Rome. He moved to Malta and then to London, he devoted himself exclusively to the realization of special props and breakaways fx. As a freelancer, he began collaborating with several special effects laboratories including Extreme Effects Malta, Artem and Andy Williams sfx. His recent works include “Assassins Creed”, “Ben Hur”, “Paddington 2”, and “Spiderman – far from home”.

Domenico Matera

After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts with a specialization in scenography, he worked in various fields of the art department and at the same time in the special effects laboratories, collaborating among other things, for more than ten years with Makinarium sfx. He lives and works in London where he has worked with various laboratories in the role of mold maker, painter, art finisher and works as a mold maker and art finisher for Madame Tussauds museum.

Donatella Mondani
Special Make up Effects Artist

Graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, in 1987 she opens the SFX workshop ArteFare. Since 1982 she’s tutor at the BCM School of Milan teaching makeup, bodypainting and special fx, from 2008 she teaches at the triennial course of scenography at NABA of Milan and from 2011 she has been also professor in the design course and laboratory of special makeup and theatrical masks at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, within the two-year set design specialization course.

Riccardo Morucci
Prop Maker

Executive Director and Owner of Arti Plastiche, he graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, specializing in scenography. He began his career working for the Opera Theatre in Rome and went to television extending its expertise to the creation of props, masks, as well as increasingly elaborated stage sets. He then founded and still directs Arti Plastiche, a company that deals with polyethylene foam, foam rubber, neoprene, latex and resins for the production of masks, accessories and props.

Maurizio Nardi
Make up Artist

Make-up and Special Effects Artist with a long-time experience, among his works we name: Ben Hur, the Siberian Education, Muhammad The Prophet, Apocalypto, The Passion. He has collaborated with makeup designers Giannetto De Rossi, Luigi and Manlio Rocchetti and Mario Michisanti. He has also received a nomination at the 2013 David di Donatello Award for Best Makeup for Siberian Education for which he provided his renown cutting edge bespoke tattoo transfer.

Saverio Paglianti
3D Artist

Set Designer, 3D Artist e libero professionista nel settore grafico 2D e 3D. E’ inoltre docente da oltre 15 anni presso l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera a Milano e dal 2016 presso ACME Accademia di Belle Arti Novara.

Steve Painter
Special Makeup Effects Artist

Freelance Supervisor of Make up Effects, Animatronics and Prosthetics in the British film industry for 30 years. He worked on features such as Fury, Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator, the War Horse, Hellboy 2 – The Golden Army, Alexander, Cold Mountain, Clash of the Titans, Babel, Hellraiser 2 – Hellbound, Hellraiser 3 – Hell on Earth.

Jamie Paraga
Marketing specialist

With over 20 years experience developing and implementing successful marketing strategies, Jaime specialises in solving problems for the creative industries. He joined the CG industry in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since, involved with several high profile clients. Puppeteer is his latest adventure, working alongside his iToo So ware colleague Daniel Quintero and Animatronics Specialist Javier Coronilla.

Roberto Pastore
Special Make up Effects Artist

Roberto Pastore is a Make-up and Prosthetic Designer for film and tv series for major Italian production companies. A few career highlights: “Rosso Malpelo,” “Smetto Quando Voglio ad Honorem,” “Smetto Quando Voglio Reloaded”, Napoli Velata”, “Il Primo Re,” and “Sulla Mia Pelle.” While working on movie projects he runstraining workshops on specific makeup subjects, such as: Hand Laid Facial Hair, and Prosthetics.

Giulio Pezza
Make up Artist

Raised in the profession collaborating as an assistant of the greatest Italian film make-up artists, he soon became head of department, but retaining the same passion of the first time. Among his works we mention Centochiodi, Il Mestiere delle Armi by Ermanno Olmi and the popular television series Gomorra where he is Makeup Designer.

Lucia Pittalis
Make up Artist

Painter and makeup artist from Sardinia, she specialises in theater and films. Among her works there are titles such: Mad in Italy, Nuit Americhen, End, Senza Parole, Bolgia Totale and Oltre i Verdi Campi. She became popular online for developing an artistic project consisting in transforming herself into celebrities, without the use of prosthetics, pushing the contouring techniques to the limit. Her works have been published on magazines such as Makeup Artist Magazine, the Prosthetic Magazine and the prestigious Stan Winston School of Character Arts, making her an artist followed worldwide.

Ivan Poharnok
Special Make up Effects Artist

Started his career in 1988 as the student of Academy Award winner Dick Smith. He worked on various projects in Hollywood and in Europe as well, including Underworld and Alien vs Predator. In 1996 he founded Filmefex Studio a special effects facility, where profesionals design and create effects for the motion picture industry creating creatures, puppets, models, special make-ups and costumes.

Davide Porta
Forensic medicine expert

Biologist, technical manager of the LABANOF of the University of Milan, he is a technical consultant for the public prosecutor’s o ices in various courts in Northern Italy on the subject of personal identification, fingerprinting, facial reconstruction and study of bone injury. Consultant for the Archaeological Superintendence of Lombardy, he also collaborates in setting up museum exhibitions for archaeological and historical sections.

Luigi Rocchetti
Special Makeup Effects Artist

Makeup and Special Makeup FX Designer, renowned for his work on films such Gangs of New York, U-571, Black Dahlia, The Devil’s Advocate and many more. Luigi’s versatility and professionalism are fruit of a constant commitment on international film sets. Amongst the directors he’s worked with there are figures such Taylor Hackford, Giuliano Montaldo, Mario Monicelli, Giuseppe Tornatore, Gabriele Salvatores and Walter Salles.

Rogier Samuels
Special Make up Effects Artist

Special Make-Up Effects Artist from Amsterdam. He started his career in 1994 and in 1999 he was hired by Weta Workshop in New Zealand to work on the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Returning home he founded the workshop Unreal with Carola Brockhoff. Nearly a decade later he returned to the Middle Earth to work on The Hobbit trilogy. His other TV and movie credits include Penny Dreadful, working for Nick Dudman, Frankenstein’s Army and The Western Brimstone.

Jörn Seifert
Special Make up Effects Artist

German Special Makeup Effects Artist, 10 years ago he founded with Tamar Aviv the Berlin based FX company Twilight Creations. The crew has worked in the national and international film industry in productions like The Physician, Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Nicola Sganga

For 13 years he has worked on over 50 movies, winning two David di Donatello awards for best Special Effects on Michele Placido’s Romanzo Criminale and Paolo Sorrentino’s Il Divo. He is currently working for the Italian Academy of Cinema and as a member of the David di Donatello Award jury. He has been one of the founder of Animatika, which works mainly on the post-production development and digital set design projects.

Vittorio Sodano
Special Make up FX Artist

Vittorio Sodano begins his career at the age of 16 as a sculptor and prosthetic technician. In 1996 he debuts with the movie Before the Dusk by Stefano Incerti, for which he wins an award for make-up and special effects at the Locarno Film Festival. In 2007 he gets his first Oscars nomination for Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto and the second one in 2010 for Paolo Sorrentino’s Il Divo.

Sergio Stivaletti
Special Make up FX Artist

For over 30 years he has designed and created characters, creatures and monsters for cinema, television and theatre, collaborating with some of the biggest Italian directors such Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, Gabriele Salvatores and Michele Soavi. At present Stivaletti works at his creations in his Roma based studio Apocalypsis and dedicates himself to the tuition of techniques of prosthetic makeup and animatronics in his ambitious school project Fantastic Forge.

Lorenzo Tamburini
Special Make up Effects Artist

He specialized and graduated in special make up with Dick Smith’s Advanced course. His first job on set was back in 2000 and from then he worked for various advertisings and television programs (Mai Dire Gol, Quelli Che il Calcio, etc..) and also for films as beauty make-up artist. His path as a prosthetic sculptor and prosthetics makeup artist started from DDT in Barcelona with Pan’s Labyrinth. Among other films in which he worked there are: Thor 2, WWZ, The Guardians Of The Galaxy, Doctor Who, Tale Of Tales and he’s been recently prosthetics supervisor for the film Ben Hur.

Francesca Tariciotti

Italian Makeup artist, airbrush artist and body-painter, she obtained various national and international awards in the world of bodypainting. In 2014 she won the first prize in the airbrush category at the European Championships, in 2015 she stepped on the second place of the podium of the World Bodypainting Festival. In 2015 she obtained the title of Italian champion and confirmed the role again in 2016.

Patricia L.Terry
Theatre director

Theatre director with over 100 productions under her belt and artistic director of Orange County’s Alternative Repertory Theatre for 13 years; she has also been the producing artistic director of the Pandemonium Word Ballet and Literary Circus and acting teacher in various universities in Orange County.

Daniele Tirinnanzi
Special Make up Effects Artist

Self-taught artist, he begins doing make-up at the age of 12. In 1998 he graduates at the Institute of Art of Florence and begins his professional career a year later at I.M.A. SFX in Florence. In 2010 he moved to Los Angeles where he currently resides and collaborates with some of the most important special effects laboratories.
Eclectic artist, his skills vary from sculpture to painting to mould-making, ranging all the way from prosthetic makeup to animatronics.
His works include Grimm, Criminal Minds, Curse of Chucky, X-Men First Class and Grey’s Anatomy.

Federico Tocchella
VFX Artist

Independent director, animator and producer, he graduated in Animation at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. He has matured a sensibility towards mixed typologies of techniques and narrations represented in his works L’amore ci dividerà and Isacco. In 2007 he founded the independent movie production TFILM. In 2012 has been didactic coordinator for the VFX course of Gian Maria Volonté School at RUFA.

Valentina Visintin
Special Makeup FX Artist

She took part in important film and television productions such Game Of Thrones (HBO), Ben Hur (MGM), Guardians Of The Galaxy, Tale Of Tales, Cloud Atlas, Prometheus, X-Men First Class, Harry Potter 7 and many others.
She is the mind behind the project EffectUs, a Cultural Association born from an online community for Italian FX artists, with the goal to incentivise the collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and techniques between artists.

Cliff Wallace
Special Make up Effects Artist

British born Make up Effects supervisor, Animatronics and Prosthetics designer, he debuted in 1986 with Hellraiser and has worked on over 70 films including Warhorse by Steven Spielberg, Hellboy 2 – The Goldern Army by Guillermo Del Toro, Black Hawk Down by Ridley Scott and collaborated with Danny Boyle for 28 Days Later and Trance.

David White
Special Make up Effects Artist

He began his film career at eighteen working on films such as The Keep and Lifeforce. He formed his own company Altered States FX in 1996, based at Shepperton Film Studios, where he worked on many award winning films and TV series. David’s career has now spanned over three decades and he has taken on some massive films projects like Guardians of the Galaxy, a multi award winning project that earned him Oscar and BAFTA nominations. He has recently completed work on Maleficent 2 (Mistress of Darkness) and a prequel to Games of Thrones.

Chiara Chiappa
Workers consultant

Chiara Chiappa achieved her law degree at the Verona University and currenty she works as Labour Counselor at the Metis Studio since 2001. She is specialized in dealing with labour rights in performative arts workers and she is President of the Foundation Doc Studies Center. She is also founder and member of the Tavolo: Lavoro,legalità e Sicurezza nello spettacolo, and technical member of Italian Cooperatives Alliances

Mark Coulier
Prosthetic designer

Mark Coulier is a renowned British prosthetic designer who runs one of Europe’s leading special makeup ef-fects companies: Coulier Creatures. He won two Oscars and two BAFTAs: in 2012 for “The Iron Lady” and a few years later for “Grand Budapest Hotel”. He also won two Emmy awards for “Arabian Nights” and “Merlin” and has been nominated many more times for his work. His recent projects include Matteo Garrone’s “Pinocchio” and “Wonder Woman 1984”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”; “Stan& Ollie”, “Suspiria”, “Zoolander 2”, “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”, “World War Z”.

Federico Iori

Digital and traditional sculptor, at Baburka Factory Fx follows the concept development, the digital scan, modeling, 3D print, and R&D of new technologies. Studied Visual Arts at artistic High School, following his formation and working skills at “Zecca di Stato” in Applied Arts, focusingon integrates sistems between digital and traditional for prototyping sculpting solutions.

Mark Fields
The Compleat Sculptor founder

Mark Fields is the founder of the Compleat Sculptor. In 19995 he open the doors to what has become the largest sculpture suppliers in the world. Over the years TSC has expanded into so many more industries than ever imaged. Many of the creative industries including, set design, toy prototiping, movie special effects, museum displays, restoration and renovation, interior design, tv props and even military. Accompanying our increasing customerbase is our increased stock and acquisition of newand interesting products. He began teaching inthese industries and has been consulting on many projects for the last 25+ years