EffectUs Event is an event organized by the EffectUs Cultural Association and it is possible only thanks to the voluntary work done all the year long by its members and supporters.

Coming to its fourth edition, EffectUs becomes more and more articulated as an event and the possibilities of development that could be undertaken increase more and more.
The main element that allows this little miracle happen, is the true feeling of a family among the active volunteers. Only thanks to them, professional, students and visitors from all over Italy and from Europe have the opportunity to participate to EffectUs Event and to take advantage of the network and the activities that the association creates during the year.

There are many ways to “be active“: from supporting the management in a specific relationship (for example with a supplier or an artist), to joining one of the existing work groups, up to the simple sharing of a facebook news. Thanks to the combination of the talents and skills of all our volunteers, regardless of their capacities in the make-up world, this festival can exist, no matter the age or experience, what makes the difference in the EffectUs family it’s the motivation.

Below there are the main functions managed by the Permanent Team (existing all year) and by the Event Team (active nearby and during the annual event)


– administration (bureaucracy and management)
– graphics (promotional graphics)
– communication (management of promotional campaigns on social media, etc.)
– relationship with suppliers (contact management and negotiations)
– sponsors and partnerships (search for new supporters and management of relations with the long-standing ones)
– competition (promotion, subscriptions management)
– exhibition (promotion, subscriptions management)
– training  (workshops and masterclasses organization)
– relationship with guests (logistics and relationship management)
– research and development (implementation of the event)
– relationships with educational institutions (contacts with high schools, universities and make up schools)
– relationship with the institutions (relations with public institutions and associations)
– editing (creation of content for blogs and management of EffectUs Journal)
– translator (Italian-English and vice-versa)


preparation (organization and coordination )
media (photo, video, editing and media management of the event)
exhibition (management of artists )
contest (support)
translator (Italian-English and vice-versa on site)
supplier management (coordination with suppliers)
generic volunteer (jolly)