The Cultural Association EffectUs encourage the sharing of artistic knowledge, on many levels during EffectUs Event, included live demonstrations of the special makeup effects technincs, sculpture and much more. This mission reachable only thanks to the ability of our demo artists to share their knowledge.

EffectUs Demo artist are professionals of various levels who provide their knowledge for the demo offered to the public of EffectUs Event

It follows the complete overview of the 5 past editions of EffectUs Event’s Demo Artists.

Clinton Aiden Smith

Clinton Aiden Smith, a Hybrid Artist that can fall into all aspects of a project and come up with swift economical ways that enable him to reinvent finely crafted solutions to the expensive time consuming needs of a very demanding industry in South Africa.
The Dark Tower, Mad Max Fury Road, The Last House on The Left, Resident Evil Final Chapter and collaborating as a independent artist on Guardians Of The Galaxy, World War Z and more.Clinton manages and is actively involved in 8 different ventures that complement the Make-up Fx industry. Cosmesis Studio being one of them.

Edoardo Ayres Da Motta

Young makeup artist, between 2013 and 2015 he improved his knowledge as self-thought in sfx. Then, between 2015 and 2016, he switched to an intership at CreaFX in Scandicci, Florence, and an apprenticeship with Valter Casotto. Winner of the Student Contest at EffectUs 2015, he raised its game signing for the 2016 Pro Contest section.

Kryss barone

Born as set and costume designer, trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, today is a look maker that collaborates with great artists such as Roberto De Simone, Luca De Filippo, Peppe Barra, Filippo Crivelli, Bruno Garofalo, Edmo Fenoglio, Francesco Rosi, Rosalia Porcaro
Among the cinematographic experiences “Barbara and I” by Raffaele Esposito (2012) and “Song e Napule” by Manetti Bros (2013). He has curated makeup for RoccoBarocco fashion shows and campaigns.

Chiara Bartoli

Born in Rome in 1990, after attending the art school she is interested in various disciplines including illustration and modeling. In 2014 he joined a collective of artists with whom shares a work space and deepens his knowledge of modeling and mould making with particular interest in prosthetic make-up. She attends a workshop at Coulier’s creatures after which he gets some work for the small and big screen. He currently works as a freelancer for Luigi Rocchetti and Giulio Pezza, based in the collective of artists that takes the name of Pannaus Studio.

Benocci Andrea

His first makeups are done thanks to LARP events when he was a teenager but he decided to take the call only on 2013, when he quit his office job and started to study. That led him to win the second place at the World Body Painting Festival (2016-2017) and to hold workshops as teacher for Kryolan GV Academy, Turin)

Paolo Brozzi

Sculptor and modeler, specialised in portrait, full figure and hyperealistic figure. Since 1995 he is a sculting teacher. Full range creative, he works for music and movies. He is the president and founder of Officina D’Arte School in Rome.

Valter A. Casotto

He has worked on numerous TV productions as a camera operator and TV format creator. He has worked as the senior prosthetic makeup artist in the film industry, on films such as Harry Potter (D. Yates), X-Men: First Class (M. Vaughn), Prometheus (R. Scott) and The Hobbit (P. Jackson),. Running parallel to his work in the film industry, he has continued to work on his own personal projects, including design work, painting, video projects and sculptures.

Ina Chochol

Polish born SFX makeup artist, living and working in Germany. In addition to her many years of work for television and movies, she specialized in creating body parts and prosthetics.

Andrea Eusebi

Class ’85, he specializes in sculpting and modeling. He worked for Millennium FX on few Doctor Who series and on feature The Titan as a sculptor; for Makinarium on Tale of Tales, Zoolander 2 and Ben Hur as a sculpting h.o.d. and supervisor. He also worked on the first season of Penny Dreadful, Brimstone, La Torre Nera, La solita Commedia and Indivisibili. At present he collaborates with Prochima testing sculpting clays, plastilines and other materials.

Sandy Kumalakantav

Graduated at the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, in 2004, department of sculpture. He started working in the film industry in 2004 on a local low budget film “Sheitans Warrior”, where he teamed up with Lana and Beca Rakanovic with which they provided all the prosthetic and special e ects. A er this experience they formed Mad Squirrel FX, and worked together on many feature films, TV, music videos, domestic and foreign productions, and they gained over 12 years of experience in special makeup e ects.

Mestroni Roberto

Special effects make-up artist with many years of experience, is inspired by the famous “European Academy of special effects” by Carlo Rambaldi, whose friend and colleague. He is currently a teacher of “special make up” in the Brera Academy of Fine Arts (MI) where he teaches and experiments with new techniques

Maurizio Nardi

Italian makeup designer has worked in numerous movies including him as a makeup designer: Zero Zero Zero, 7 miracles, Jesus VR and The permit. We also remember him as makeup tattoo designer in Siberian Education, makeup coordinator in Apocalypto, makeup supervisor in Texas Rising II and on Ban Hur as key makeup for the second unit.

Gigi Ottolino

Is a sculptor who has gained his artistic skills by working for more than 10 years in the Art area of the Cinema Industry, growed in Apulia In 2004 he moved to Rome and started to work as prop-maker for “Rome” (HBO). After this experience, together with his friends Leonardo Cruciano and Silvia Chicoli, he founded a special effects company named “Leonardo Cruciano Workshop”. For the last few years he has been working for Makinarium, whith which he worked for movies such as “Tale of Tales” by Matteo Garrone, “Ben-Hur” by Timur Bekmambetov, “Wonderwell” by Vlad Marsavin, until the very latest “Catch 22” by George Clooney and “6 Underground” by Micheal Bay.

Roberto Pastore

Roberto Pastore is a Make-up and Prosthetic Designer for film and tv series for major Italian production companies. A few career highlights: “Rosso Malpelo,” “Smetto Quando Voglio ad Honorem,” “Smetto Quando Voglio Reloaded”, Napoli Velata”, “Il Primo Re,” and “Sulla Mia Pelle.” While working on movie projects he runstraining workshops on specific makeup subjects, such as: Hand Laid Facial Hair, and Prosthetics.

Lucia Pittalis

Painter and makeup artist from Sardinia. Specialised in theater and film industry. Among her works: “Mad in Italy” , “Nuit Americhen”, “End”, “Senza Parole” , “Bolgia Totale” and “Oltre i verdi campi”. Develops an artistic project consisting in trasforming herself into celebrities, pushing the contouring techniques to the limit. Published on magazines such as MUAM, Prosthetic Event and the prestigious Stan Winston School of Character Arts, making her also a artist followed worldwide.

Lana Rakanovic

She graduated the Academy of Applied Arts and Design, department of ceramic design, in 2005, Belgrade, Serbia. Since then she had a successful national and international career as a ceramic artist, and she also has a 13 year experience working in the film industry as a professional makeup artist and prosthetic artist.

Michele Salgaro Vaccaro

Aka, born in Mestre-Venice (Italy), he moved to Milan in 2006 to follow a dream: to become a Special Effects Makeup Artist. Skilled makeup artist, body painter and airbrusher; he is specialized in Special Effects and he is always looking for perfection and the detail.

Rogier Samuels

Special Make-Up Effects Artist from Amsterdam. He started his career in 1994 and in 1999 he was hired by Weta Workshop in New Zealand to work on the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Returning home he founded the workshop Unreal with Carola Brockhoff. Nearly a decade later he returned to the Middle Earth to work on The Hobbit trilogy. His other TV and movie credits include Penny Dreadful, working for Nick Dudman, Frankenstein’s Army and The Western Brimstone.

Martina Sandonà

She opens in Padua a workshop of cinema and prosthetic makeup, 3D scan / 3d printing and hyper-realistic art with the artist and makeup prostetic designer Valter Adam Casotto.Specialized in silicon running, painting, hair punching and haircut, among hes works we mention: “La terra dei figli” by C. Cupellini, “The new pope” by P. Sorrentino, “Volevo nascondermi” by G. Rights, “La pelle dell’orso” by M. Segato, “Gringott Bank mueseum” Harry Potter Warner Bros’ commercial,“Overlord”by J. Avery. As a prosthetic designer, we remember the movies: “Calibro 9” by T. D’Angelo and “Bastardi a mano armata” by G. Albanesi.

Lorenzo Tamburini

Specialized and graduated in Special Make-Up with the Dick Smith’s Advanced Course, in 20 years he has worked for various advertisements, television programs as “Mai dire Gol”, “Quelli che il Calcio” and national and international films. Prosthetic sculptor and Prosthetic makeup artist for Pan’s Labyrinth, Thor 2, WWZ, Guardians of the Galaxy, Tale of Tales etc. Prosthetics Designer for films like Ben Hur, The Traitor, Trust, Dogman which earned him a David of Donatello and an EFA (European Film Award).

Francesca Tariciotti

Italian makeup artist, airbrush artist and body painter, she obtained various painting national and international awards in the world of bodypainting: in 2014 she won the firts prize in the airbrushing category at the European Championships, in 2015 she stepped on the second place of the podium of the World Body Painting Festival. In in 2015 she achieved the title of Italian champion, confirmed in 2016

Valentina Visintin

She took part in important film and television productions such Game Of Thrones (HBO), Ben Hur (MGM), Guardians Of The Galaxy, Tale Of Tales, Cloud Atlas, Prometheus, X-Men First Class, Harry Potter 7 and many others.
She is the mind behind the project EffectUs, a Cultural Association born from an online community for Italian FX artists, with the goal to incentivise the collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and techniques between artists.