One of the main activities promoted by the Cultural Association EffectUs is to train through an artistic knowledge sharing , a mission that is reachable only thanks to availability of our tutors to share their knowledge.

This sharing takes place through: WORKSHOPS (short classes of 1 maximum 2 hours that are held during the EffectUs Event) and MASTERCLASSES (lessons of 1 or more days) on which our members are entitled to special discounts.

Below you can have a brief overview of all the topics that have been developed during the workshops organized within the program of EffectUs Event, divided for years and joined to its tutors. For more informations on our tutors you can visit the dedicated section of the website.

We remind that exclusively for the EffectUs members there is a reserved access to the Vimeo Channel to watch the videos made during the event (which cover part of the workshops and were not made on occasions other than the EffectUs Event itself), more informations on how to get this benefit, they are available in the section of the website how to join, while for the list of videos available on Vimeo at the time (page still updating) click on the following link.


EffectUs Event 2018

– Annamaria Liguori – Continuity and Roles on set
Christian Buzio (DZ models) – Silicones
Lars Carlsson (MakupFX) – Hair punching
Roberto Pastore – Different types of hairs for the application of fake beards
Andrea Leanza – Out of the kit pictorial makeup effects
Harold Levy – Face Lifecast
– Roberto Pastore – Cinematographic characterization makeup
Giulia Giorgi (Baburka Production) e Lars Carlsson (MakupFX) – Special effects and e-commerce
– Valentina Visintin – Painting on foam latex
Robin Davidsson – Hair Knotting  for  wigs  and  postiches  making


EffectUs Event 2017

Valentina Visintin – Pre colouring of silicone before casting prosthetics
Cristiamo Ippoliti – Maquette sculpting
Dino Bertoli e Saverio Paglianiti – Integration between special effects and 3d printing
Valentina Visintin – Characterizing: dirting-up and weathering effects
Istituto Quasar – ZBrush and 3d sculpting
Valentina Visintin – Portfolio: tips on how to improve self promotion
Luigi d’Andrea – Face life casting with silicone
Andrea Leanza – Flat prosthetics sculpting
Andrea Giomaro, Dino Bertoli, Luigi d’Andrea, Mauro Zenoniani – Debate about blood gags fx
Andrea Giomaro – Mould making techniques tips
Andrea Leanza – Skin effects: dirts and weathering


EffectUs Event 2016 

Andrea Eusebi – Skin texture
Luigi D’Andrea – Bondo transfers
Valentina Visintin – Disastrous edges
Steve Painter & Cliff Wallace – Gore on set
Francesca Tariciotti – Airbrush painting
Andrea Leanza – Sculpting the human head
Giulia Giorgi – Introduction to special effects
Gherardo Filistrucchi – Historical notions on wigs
Riccardo Morucci – Introduction to plastic materials


Waiting for EffectUs Event 2016 

Alessio Scafà – Airbrush basics
Valentina Visintin – Marvel Characters face painting
Sergio Stivaletti – Blood Fx: cut throat
Donatella Mondani e Roberto Mestroni – Wounds and small applications
Laira Manganuco – My art
Andrea Leanza – Prosthetic application

EffectUs Event 2015

Stuart Bray – Sculpt gel workshop
Daniele Tirinnanzi – Eye’s making
Luigi D’Andrea – Application of an incapsulated silicone prosthetics
Leonardo Cruciano e Nicola Sganga – VFX-SFX integrated solutions
Andrea Giomaro  – Mould making basics
Crea FX – Gelatine prosthetic application
Federico Tocchella – Interaction between cinema from real and animation
Giulia Giorgi – Make-App new technologies for the make up artist job
Vittorio Sodano – Prosthetic make up application
Roberto Pastore – Application of a hand laid beard