Silvio Tassinari & Federico Iori – Set New Technologies

Scansione 3D – Conferenza

Morten Jacobsen – Conference Career Overview

Valentina Visintin – Workshop Applicazione Prostetica Base

Valentina Visintin – Workshop – Mould Making

EffectUs 2022 – Umberto Carretti – Contratto Nazionale

Special effects and work organization

Nacho Diaz Career Overview

Neil Gorton Talk On Education

Pierre Oliver Piersin – Career overview

Valentina Visintin – What’s in my kit

Steve La Porte – Career overview

Mark Coulier – Career overview

Emanuele De Luca – Career overview

Chiara Chiappa – Labor Contracts in the entertainment field.

Andrea Leanza and Federica Castelli – Behind the scenes of Hammamet

Alahouzos FX – George and Roulius tell us their story

From school to the workfield

Effectus Journal vol.2 Presentation

The work is not a joke

The FIDAC national contract and the unions

Javier Coronilla & Jamie Paraga –  Puppeteer: a new way to bring your character to life

Lisa Carrecedo –  tell us her story

Lorenzo Tamburini – From television makeup to cinema makeup

Clinton Aiden Smith – The artist tells his story and the birth of Cosmesis Studio.

Doc Creativity – The protections and benefits of the cooperative network

Ivan Poharnok – The artist talks about his career path and the creation of Filmefex

Javier Coronilla – The artist tells us his adventure in animatronics

Tiziano Martella, Maurizio Corridori & David Bracci – Special Makeup and Special Effects

Meeting with Special Makeup Effects Artists from the Makinarium team for “The Tale of Tales”

Sergio Stivaletti si racconta

Presentazione del “Manuale di effetti speciali di trucco” di Donatella Mondani