From the 11th to the 13th of March 2016, in Milan, it has taken place Cartoomics, the biggest Italian convention dedicated to cinema, comics and gaming. Our friend Simone Mannu, after EffectUs first edition’s success, decided to welcome us in this experience, allowing us to introduce  EffectUs’ world to a very diverse public. That’s how “Waiting for EffectUs 2016” was born: a small taste of what our next edition would have been.


The organizers granted us a space next to the exhibition dedicated to cinema and its history which, in accordance with the upcoming movies and TV shows, has seen on stage some of our artists: Sergio Stivaletti, Valentina Visintin, Andrea Leanza and Donatella Mondani, and host previews of movies such as Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the series Gotham and Supergirl




Cartoomics, founded in 1992 was at first organized in small spaces in the north suburbs of Milan,  but has slowly become more and more important and popular, gaining access to the restricted number of events hosted in the Rho Pero exhibition district. This year it has counted 75 thousand visitors, a multicoloured crowd that has filled up the two pavilions of the convention. Aside the space dedicated to publishers and exhibitors, there also was an area entirely dedicated to videogames and one for the popular activities of Cosplayers.


The EffecUs Association set up for the occasion their popular artwork exhibition with pieces from the best Special Makeup FX Artists, and a conference area dedicated to workshops, with tutors such: Sergio Stivaletti, who focused on Blood Fx, specifically the application of a cut throat silicone prosthetic with explanation of the mechanical effect of the blood flow; Valentina Visintin who demonstrated the face painting of a Marvel Character, Andrea Leanza, who realized an application of silicone prosthetics, Alessio Scafà who showed basic airbrush techniques, Laira Manganuco who spoke about her work as “creepy doll maker” and finally the pair formed by Donatella Mondani and Roberto Mestroni who introduced the techniques of application and the making process of small wounds.

There were also live makeup and sculpting demonstration, an info point of the Association and a Make-up Section with services for the public.


Another small success both for the active participation of our associates, and for the public’s positive reaction, which confirmed us that EffectUs is moving in the right direction for the growth of the artistic community which is active and purposeful, and has seen the light in September of 2015.




Giulia Giorgi