One of the main goals of the Journal is to spread the spirit of our association.We base on the wish of a collective artistic growth, on the will to create a network, on the desire of an exchange between generations of professionals with the aim to inspire and show how our profession does not only revolve around film and television, but there are many other possibilities as artists.

At the same time we would like to support those who face this profession for the first time and those who have been in it for some time but still have not found their direction, to not let them give up and instead keep looking for their own way, whether that is in the show business, in e-commerce or in modern art.

Perseverance allows everyone to find their own place.  Just like the Cultural Association EffectUs, the Journal rises from a need of the community of special makeup effects artists to generate a network, and in the last four years, this has been achieved creating the Association itself and its annual event EffectUs.

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The First King
Disclosed by the Make-up FX Design Team 

edited by Valentina Visintin  



 From TV make-up to the movie industry

by Lorenzo Tamburini 


The sustainability of work in the make-up FX industry
The Cosmesis Studio’s experience – South Africa 

by Clinton Aiden Smith 


Vademecum on waste management 
(… and now? Where do I throw this shit?) 

by Andrea “the Gommo” Giomaro 

 Interview with Bruno Biagi 
Specialist in Look-alike Television Make-up 

by Valentina Visintin 

Injection Moulds  
Theoretic and technical process for casting silicone appliances 

by Harold Levy 


The Thermoplastic Materials
Typology, characteristics, utilization 

by Giulia Giorgi 

From the scanner to the set
An approach to the new production pipelines 

By Javier Coronilla 

Making of a lace hair piece
Hair knotting  

by Robin Daviddson 

The Airbrush
use and techniques in Special Makeup Effects 

by Valentina Visintin



Tale of Tales backstage interview
by Arianna Ferrazin

Guerrilla Injection Moulds Extreme solutions for extreme situations
by Andrea Giomaro

Overview on Resins All you need to know
by David Bracci

Introduction to Eye Making A step by step guide
by Daniele Tirinnanzi

Lucia Pittalis: First of all art

Silicone Mask A step by step guide
by Harold Levy

SFX & E-commerce: “the Etsy way”
with Laira Manganuco, Cristian Colombo, Tiziano Morelli & Ashleigh Mills
by Arianna Ferrazin and Sara Ianigro

Portfolio Pro Tips and Tricks to present yourself at best
by Andrea “Dinoboy” Leanza

Make APP Technologies to help set life
by Giulia Giorgi

Valter Casotto: From the set to the art gallery

The Painter’s Bible  Techniques and products for colouring in Special Make-up FX
by Valentina Visintin

Sergio Stivaletti tells his story