Precious memory of all moments spent together are in the photo galleries of our events.

On our website we decided to publish a careful selection of photos made over the years by the talented photographers of the media team who accompanied us both during EffectUs Event and in the two “Waiting For EffectsUs” events (at the World Bodypainting Festival in 2017 and at Cartoomics in 2016):Markus Glanzer, Lorenzo Vecchio, Erik Gimenez, Roberto Di Meo, Pasquale Di Blasio, Amos Maccanti and Francesca Paolucci.
EffectUs media team led by Victor Spacek carries out a fundamental work for the annuals of the event by photographing and recording meticulously: contests, workshops and conferences and choosing for Us the event’s best moments that every year are collected in a fantastic trailer that can be viewed in the section of the website: past editions.
If you wish to take a look at all the photos that were taken during the events you can also consult the album section of our Facebook page.