The seventh edition of EffectUs Event 2021 in the Digital version is over!

The videos of the 2 Youtube Lives will remain available on our channel

We are happy and satisfied of the great success of the event! And this was possible thanks to all of you together with our sponsors and the incredible team that worked tirelessly.

First of all, we want to thank the EffectUs operative team: Valentina Visintin and Giulia Chimp Giorgi for organizing all this; Alain Bindele director and webmaster, Gianni Bussoletti super graphic and videomaker, Monique Chabusiku Yuma incredible organizer and social media manager supported by Elisa Mondo and Alice Avena, Veronica Laghi who maternally followed the contest and the support team with Luca Margarita, Alessandro Cherubini, Fo Ska Ska Ska Stefania Pisano and Gary Christensen.
Obviously we thank our guests and judges: Nacho Díaz, Francesca Contolini, Neill Gorton, Mario Melillo, Roberto Pastore, Christian Buzio, Pierre Olivier Persin, Andrea Giomaro, Andrea Dinoboy Leanza, Leonardo Cruciano, Pietro Tamaro, Valter Casotto, Gigi Ottolino, and David Bracci.

We also thank our MAIN SUPPORTERS: Baburka Production and Viva Fx and our DIGITAL TRADE SHOW exhibitors who have created special occasions for all the visitors of the event: TILT Professional Makeup and its incredible products, Faery Academy and The Make Up Artist School with their educational programs, Rocchetti Parrucche with their products and their training courses, Viva Fx with its workshops, Fermax with its articles for film professionals, Doc Servizi with its consultancy and support in dealing with taxation and bureaucracy; Baburka Cinema Crafts with his standard prosthetics and courses, which with Miroballi with his sculpting tools and Samas Cases with his professional handmade bags have also supported the contests together with Mr Dashbo with his palettes and fx makeup products, Neill’s Materials with its silicones, Memo Srl with its wonderful tattoo transfer paper, Stan Winston School of Character Arts with its unique online courses.

Congratulations to all the talents who participated in the contests and in particular to the winners
of Face Makeup FX: The 1rst place from Russia Nory Turx, the 2nd place from Italy Valentina Bruseghini and the 3rd place from Spain Noelia Yarey and the special mentions Yagna Sahapathi from India and Martina Varotto from Italy. For the sculpture contest the winner Carla Owen from the UK with her sculpture representing the creatures of the planet Jupiter, at the 2nd place François-Xavier Huet from France and Niko Weber from Germany at the 3rd place.

We thank too all the participants of the digital art exhibition: Federica Ferri; Elisabetta Visentini, Tommaso Bertone, Martina Lodi, Carl Gabriel, Federico Galdiero, Tiziano Morelli, Valter Casotto, Giorgio Giorgioni, Leonardo Cruciano, Juan Carlos Jimenéz, Sebastian Lochmann, Alexandra Moulie, Carlo Diamantini, Luca Pontassuglia, Steffi Berghmans, Beatrice Tell, Elisa World, Alberta Avanzi, Lorenzo Nicolosi, Giulia Scati, Elisa Berti, Alessio Scafà, Simone Miraglia, Andrea Giomaro, Valentina Visintin, Alessandro Iacopelli, Matteo and Gea Beltrame, Csongor / Morsa Orum, Begona F Martin, Raquel Munuera Sànchez, Renzo Vignaga, Davide Frascone, Ilaria Solari, Giulia Cristino, Marta Pantaleo, Andrea Martini, Giulia Giorgi, Faery Academy, Alessio Rosati, Ilara Sanna, Nicola Ballarini, Verdemese Mammetti, Alysha Tochilovska, François-Xavier Huet, Museo delle Cere – Roma.

We also thank the media partners who have allowed the diffusion of the event
Beautydea, Officina d’Arte Out Out, Getsetgobags, Ravenna Nightmare, FI PI LI Horror Festival, Lo Speciale, InGenere Cinema, Horror Italia 24, Museo delle cere – Roma .

And of course we thank all of you for following us with such enthusiasm and we look forward to see you next year, hopefully in person@