Being EffectUs a Cultural Association it is very important that all members and interested parties are aware of what is constantly happening and can keep a record of official press releases that are sent via email over time.

We believe it is essential that everyone has the opportunity to know in a transparent way what the Association’s activities and efforts are to keep an alive reality and offer services to its associates.

It is not obvious that the audience that takes advantage of the event knows or should know the background of the work of the EffectUs Family and that’s why we decided to make this section public.

The press release deals with: appeals, decisions taken, new associative work addresses, announcements, deadlines and much more.


TOWARDS EFFECTUS EVENT 2018   Thanks to the survey results, to which many members took part, the Cultural Association EffectUs decided to move towards its fourth edition relying on the energies [...]

Comunicato – Ottobre 2018

EFFECTUS EVENT NEXT STEP In order to grow and improve the activities of the Cultural Association EffectUs during the year and to go towards a fourth edition with an active and participated [...]

Membership Renewal 2017

EFFECTUS BULLETIN JULY 2017 EffectUs Event 2017 is approaching (23-24 September @ Lanificio 159) and for this reason we would like to remember the PRINCIPLES that animate the Cultural Association EffectUs [...]