The EffectUs Cultural Association reserves its members the opportunity to watch the workshops and conferences recordings from EffectUs Event’s past editions. The subscribers will receive via email the links and the access codes to the private videos of our Vimeo Channel.

The Association has decided to present only few videos to non members, and to keep the other ones private, in order to treat with an exclusive content those who decide to support Us throughout all the year.

In this page there is a collection of all the topics covered in the videos reserved for members, with the related links that can be accessed with the password received by email.

This page will be updated as soon as the videos are uploaded. As it is an enormous amount of work for the media team to edit hours and hours of material, we ask for a little patience before having a complete overview of the repertoire material.

Have a good vision.

Overview Silicones – Christian Buzio

Different Types Of Hair For The Application Of Fake Beards – Roberto Pastore

The protections and advantages of
the cooperative network: new opportunities for cinema professionals and the creative sector – Doc Creativity

Special makeup effects and set special effects – Tiziano Martella, Maurizio Corridori, David Bracci

The artist talks about his adventure in animatronics – Javier Coronilla

Life Cast – Harold Levy

Introduction to Special Effects- Giulia Giorgi

Skin texture – Andrea Eusebi

Bondo transfer – Luigi D’Andrea

Introduction to plastic materials – Riccardo Morucci

Meeting with Sergio Stivaletti

Disastrous edges – Valentina Visintin

Presentation of Donatella Mondani’s manual of special makeup effects

Meeting with the special makeup effects artists of the team of Makinarium for the Tale of Tales

A. Giomaro, G. Bertoli, L. d’Andrea, M. Zenoniani – Discussion about blood gags FX and mould making techniques tips

Luigi d’Andrea – Face Lifecatsing with silicone

Valentina Visintin – Characterizing, dirting-up and weathering effects

Dino Bertoli, Saverio paglianti – Integration between special effects and 3D printing

Valentina Visintin – Portfolio, tips on how to improve self promotion

Cristiano Ippoliti – Maquete Sculpting

Istituto Quasar – Zbrush and 3D sculpting

Valentina Visintin – Pre-colouring of silicone before casting prosthetics

Andrea Leanza – Flat prosthetic sculpting

Andrea Leanza – Skin effects, dirts and weathering