In the info kits the Cultural Association EffectUs is very scrupulous in reporting details of each edition of EffectUs Event in order to keep a good historical memory over the years of its evolution, and to be able to present itself at best to future potential patrons, partners and sponsors.

The info kits are available for the press and for those who want to create reviews and presentations of the event. They are available, like all our material, in Italian and English languages. The info kits, together with the event catalogue and the exhibition catalogue, plus the photo galleries and trailers (all available in the past edition section) are a perfect overview of what happened in each edition.

Furthermore, for all those who participated to the event, in the info kits can be find an excellent overview of what happened, due to the fact that it contains important data and informations which, especially in the case of suppliers, can allow to decide how to implement the presence within the event.

Infokit 2019

Infokit 2018

Infokit 2017

Infokit 2016

Infokit 2015