The Trade show section of EffectUs Event has been designed to promote the knowledge of materials and suppliers available on the national and international panorama and to allow the professionals to touch with their hands the products presented, evaluate new suppliers for their work and make quality comparisons. It is also an important meeting point between the workshops and a space that offers an overview of the training proposals for Make up Special Effects offered on the national territory.


The Trade Show is a very important section of the event, because it allows for once to have all the major brands that produce and / or distribute materials for the work of the Special Make-up FX Artist in one place: from silicones to make-up products, to sculpting tools and much more.

It is also an occasion to get in touch with all the workshops and artists, establishing relationships and opening up work opportunities.

Finally, for the new comers it is a unique opportunity to understand the possibilities of training in the industry at national and international level.


The Trade show section is open to exhibitors such as:

  • producers and distributors of professional materials
  • schools and academies
  • companies’ workshops
  • individual artists

The location of Effectus Event 2020 (September 19th and 20th) will be Lanificio 159, in Via di Pietralata 159 in Rome.

The organization believes, on the basis of the statistics made during the previous editions, that the importance for the companies to be present during the event is not limited to the sales made on location, but it is extended to the long lasting relationships built with new and old customers, having the rare opportunity to be able to speak face to face with artists, academies and productions with which they often interact exclusively via telematics means.

Moreover, like in any trade show, the entertainment that the seller can offer to its customers is essential, for this reason the organization reserves for free to its suppliers the possibility of:

– use the demo stage for those wishing to do live demonstrations of application of their products or techniques used by their staff

– use the main stage of the conference room to make exclusive product presentations

– reserve the workshop room to allow a real detailed overview of the properties and benefits of the products sold, as all our suppliers are professionals in their field we believe they would be able to hold real lessons about their products by providing so valuable content in terms of quality for the event

– be present on the event catalog and on the website


The Cultural Association EffectUs since this year is carrying out a work of awareness in artistic high schools and art training institutes as work orientation and orientation to continuation of the pupils’ studies. We are working as well with universities and academies dealing with film disciplines.

It is very important for the schools of Make Up to be present, not only to promote their courses programs to their potential future students, but also to present proposals for specialization workshops and to establish relationships with potential teachers and partner with other training institutes with which their students could collaborate by putting into practice the techniques learned during their studies.


From this year the trade show section will be integrated with the exhibition section with the “Show & Tell” format reserved to the Association members, allowing them to get greater visibility on their work (without sale or entertainment activities). For more information see the dedicated section on the website.

If one wishes to participate to the trade show as an established company or workshop (members only) special rates are provided. Being present with one own’s shop is important not only to demonstrate its support to this unique industry event in Italy, but also allows to get in touch with future employees and customers which are visiting the event.


If you are interested in participating as an Exhibitor you can contact the organization at: to get all the informative material sent to you (info-kit, participation form, plan and space management)


If you are interested in attending the event as a sponsor for a company choice or for the impossibility to be present in person, you can contact the organization at to get the different sponsorship options. The organization is also open to new sponsorship proposals.